To solve the cylinder leakage problem of soft-sealed gate valve, we must consider it according to the actual situation. For example, this valve is air-opened or air-closed. For the air-opened valve, we can first close the valve at both ends of the valve, and then Let the control open the valve, disconnect the connection piece at the connection first, and then cut off the gas source. At this time, the gas at the relief valve will be let go. Notice that the actuator will rotate at 90°C and finally change it. Afterwards, we must pay attention to moving the actuator back to its original position. Solution:

1. Replace the sealing ring of the actuator.

2. Replace the sealing ring at the cylinder.

3, to adjust the pressure of the valve to 3-5 kg, or to open the lower part of the solenoid valve vent action several times, and sometimes it is possible to replace the solenoid valve.

4. Replace the spring in the cylinder.

The SHAANXI spare truck parts cover all the SHAANXI SHACMAN serial truk parts. Our main product cover: SHAANXI SHAMAN  F2000/F3000/M3000/X3000/L3000 and etc. We can provide you the realiable quality and best price truck parts to maintance your after market service. Our main product:

cabin assy and cabin accessory; Headlamp, taillamp, bumper, front cover, door and glass;

- Chassis Parts; sun gear, brake pad, clutch plate, bearing, differential, PTO, and axle;

- transmission parts; transmission shaft, universal joint, steering pump, clutch booster and brake pedal;

- Engine Parts; cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, oil seal, connection rod bearing, starter, injection pump, oil pump, water pump, air filter, oil filter and fuel filter;

- other spare parts. Curtain, roof, water tank, radiator, inter cooler and ect.


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