Electromagnetic flowmeter consists of two parts: sensor and converter. It is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, used to measure the volumetric flow rate of conductive liquids with conductivity greater than 5μS/cm. It is an inductive instrument for measuring the volume flow of conductive media.

Measure the flow of dirty media, corrosive media, and turbid liquid-solid two-phase flow. This is due to the unobstructed flow components inside the instrument measuring tube. The measuring tube lining and electrodes are in contact with the measured fluid. The material can be selected according to the nature of the measured fluid. For example, with polytrifluoroethylene or PTFE as the inner lining, it can measure various corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, and salts; wear-resistant rubber as the inner lining is particularly suitable for measuring wear with solid particles. Larger slurry, cement slurry, etc. Liquid-solid two-phase flow, and various suspended liquids with fiber liquids and pulps.

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of volume flow measuring instrument. During the measurement process, it is not affected by the temperature, viscosity, and density of the measured medium by the conductivity (in a certain range). Therefore, the meter can be used to measure the flow of other conductive liquids only after being calibrated by water. Electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, paper, environmental protection, food and other industrial sectors and municipal management, water conservancy construction, river dredging and other areas of flow measurement.

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