Phoenard has announced this week that they have created a new Arduino prototype gadget that is equipped with rich power through an 8-bit AVR ATMEGA2560 processor. The size of the Phoenard Arduino prototype gadget is only 11.8×6.1×1.1 cm in size and comes with self-programming, full-color touch screen display, onboard battery, and more. Phoenard is essentially for everyone, passionate about manufacturing and/or for those who are looking for a great tool, starting in electronics and programming.
Phoenard is an all-in-one Arduino compatible prototype gadget that carries an 8-bit AVR ATMEGA2560, equivalent to one you find in the Arduino Mega. It is essentially a pocket-sized prototype platform that you can use in your project, similar to an Arduino's "brain"; however, it has many features built into a single case, developed in such a way, You can use it as your daily gadget.

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