The abnormal sound of agricultural vehicles is "sick and sick" and should be promptly treated. Different sounds represent different diseases. Let's take a look at the reasons for the different sounds of agricultural vehicles. How to deal with this?  

1, "squeak" dull sound  

This is the sound of the valve foot clearance being too large or too small. According to the manufacturer's data, adjust the clearance between the inlet and outlet doors. The general gap is between 0,012-0,022 mm.  

2, "bang" loud noise  

This kind of sound is usually an exhaust pipe or muffler. The explosion of the engine cannot be eliminated due to the explosion. The exhaust pipe and muffler should be checked immediately.  

3, "啾啾" sharp sound  

The reason that the sound of the belt and the belt pulley rubs is that the belt must be replaced or the gap must be adjusted due to the wear of the belt or improper adjustment of the gap.  

4, "咔嚓" noise  

The reason for the failure of this sound display is not single, it may damage the motor air-conditioning compressor or the water pump bearing (the marble disk), or it may be that the vehicle has been driven in the state of water loss or oil loss, which causes the size of the crankshaft to be damaged. The noise emitted from the neck and shaft pin should be checked and repaired immediately.  

5, "咣咣" percussion  

It may be that the sound produced by the crankshaft journal and the bearing shell clearance is too large and the clearance between the journal and the bearing shell should be checked.  

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