For Chinese truck users, AMT is relatively unfamiliar. But in the United States and Europe, AMT has long been widely used in trucks. With the increasing trend of high-end heavy trucks in China, the pace of AMT's development in China will continue to accelerate.

AMT advantage highlights

AMT Chinese full name is "electronically controlled mechanical automatic transmission", which is based on the traditional dry clutch and manual gear transmission based on computer-controlled automatic transmission system.

At present, the domestic market, FAW Jiefang, China National Heavy Duty Truck and other companies have launched a heavy truck type AMT configuration. In addition, domestic heavy-duty transmission companies are also actively developing AMT products.

“Now in developed countries, heavy-duty trucks have become very popular with AMT, and due to the ease of operation and high comfort, foreign drivers are also very fond of driving automatic cars.” Yang Zaiyu, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Passenger Car Market Information Association believes that With the improvement of the vehicle requirements of domestic truck drivers, domestic heavy trucks will also enter the era of automatic shifting.

“Before, in the opinion of domestic truck drivers, heavy trucks are only a tool for making money. They basically do not require vehicle configuration, comfort, etc. However, truck drivers have gradually become the main players after 80 and 90 years, and individual truck configuration requirements have gradually increased. With the increase, it is expected that AMT will fully enter the market of high-end heavy trucks, terminal tractors and other special vehicles in the future,” said He Chao, a truck opinion leader, who is known as Westwind.

Shao Guoqiang, chief engineer of Shaanxi Automobile's heavy truck sales division and vice president of the research institute, pointed out that truck drivers drive on the road most of the day, and the AMT equipped can effectively reduce the driver's fatigue. At the same time, automatic transmissions can shift gears more easily according to traffic conditions, especially when the road conditions are complex.

"In addition, AMT can also reduce the driver's technical sensitivity to some extent, which is particularly useful for large fleets." Industry insiders said: "Now the truck driver is a job with high intensity and high risk. It has become increasingly difficult for logistics companies to recruit highly skilled and experienced drivers, and equipped with automatic transmissions allows less experienced drivers to get started quickly, and they can concentrate on driving and parking without having to worry about shifting gears. ."

Yao Chunde, deputy director of Tianjin University’s State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine Combustion, also believes that heavy trucks equipped with AMT are difficult to reverse. At the moment, military vehicles are also developing in the direction of automatic transmission. Today, assembling automatic transmissions is an important technological approach to improving driving comfort and responsiveness.

Can effectively reduce the cost of use

Although the advantages of AMT are so numerous, the price of Chinese truck drivers who are pursuing the maximization of profits is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan more than that of ordinary manual-blocking cards, which makes many card members frightened. Is AMT really a synonym for luxury goods?

“At present, many logistics companies have a misunderstanding that they only pay attention to the cost of purchase, but they have neglected the most important use cost.” Li Qiang (a pseudonym), a truck opinion leader, told reporters that although the price of buying imported AMT is 10,000 yuan more than that of a regular transmission. ~3 million, but it has the advantages of strong reliability, high speed and high efficiency, which can greatly reduce the use cost of logistics companies. Currently in Europe, the purchase of heavy trucks equipped with AMT can basically recover costs in 1 to 2 years. Therefore, in the long run, the actual use value of AMT is higher.

"Not only that, AMT products are also more fuel-efficient than manual transmissions." Industry insiders said: "In the concept of the average driver, automatic transmission is more expensive than manual transmission, but in the heavy-duty vehicle field, this is definitely a misunderstanding. The AMT of heavy-duty vehicles is It is a computer-controlled mechanical pole, which is controlled by the computer during the operation of addition and subtraction. This method is more reasonable than manual shifting, so the fuel economy of the automatic transmission is better than the manual transmission. In fact, from the import The logistics vehicle can see that the heavy-duty fuel economy of the AMT equipped with the AMT is significantly better than that of the domestic manual load-bearing card.”

In this regard, Yao Chunde expressed the same view. He pointed out that in the calibration process, AMT has been used by professionals to match the common operating conditions of the vehicle to the entire power system, so that the driver is always in the most economical fuel consumption range during driving. Even experienced drivers are inevitably slow to grasp the gear during driving, which increases fuel consumption. The AMT does not need to worry, which is one of its outstanding features. ”

In addition, according to the reporter, AMT is also conducive to improving clutch life. In Europe, when driving a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch life is generally between 300,000 and 500,000 kilometers. However, the warranty period for vehicle transmissions and clutches equipped with AMT transmissions is 800,000 km. By comparison, it can be clearly seen that AMT can save the use cost.

Domestic AMT is still at the primary stage

In China, the research and development of automatic transmissions has entered a substantive stage. However, due to the late start of the market and the weak foundation, most enterprises have not formed industrialization. A large number of automatic transmissions still rely on external forces to produce or directly rely on imports.

However, even if the imported transmission is assembled, the effect in use is not ideal. In response, Yang Zaichen told reporters that as an important component of a car, the transmission does not exist independently and it needs to form a good match with the engine, suspension system, etc. in order to play its biggest role. However, some domestic companies just blindly introduce foreign technologies and do not really digest or improve them. Therefore, their use results will be greatly reduced.

He Chao also pointed out that AMT needs to set the system parameters for the actual running conditions in order to match the engine to the best condition. Scania, Mann, Volvo and other world-famous car companies, when assembling automatic transmissions, do input and set codes on a very well-verified basis, so as to ensure that the transmission performs its best. At present, there are relatively few such tests in the country, and the parameters have not been adjusted according to the best operating conditions of the engine. This is the reason why the imported automatic transmissions do not perform well.

Regarding the future development direction of domestic AMT, Li Qiang believes that due to the maturity of foreign AMT technology, it is understandable that the early-stage overall introduction was understandable. However, in this process, domestic car companies should fully learn and absorb advanced technologies and form their own technical reserves, so as to lay the foundation for the future development of products designed to suit China's road conditions. Although this road is very difficult, if it can succeed, it will no longer be subject to control.

Industry insiders pointed out that the complexity and workload of automatic transmissions in vehicle calibration and matching are far from those of manual transmissions. Therefore, close cooperation of the entire vehicle companies is required, otherwise the industrialization of automatic transmissions of self-owned brands will be almost impossible to achieve.

In addition, Yao Chunde said: "These years have been said to take the market for technology, but we really have very little technology, because we do not have a down-to-earth job of absorbing, digesting, and improving. At present, some companies are simply introducing technology. In order to increase sales, rather than really researching products in depth, in contrast to foreign markets, they are no longer confined to studying individual assemblies, but are considered in terms of an overall dynamic system. At the moment, we should learn from abroad ways and means of looking at problems and strengthen them. The research on the basic theory and technology of power system matching, especially for transmission enterprises, should speed up the learning and mastery of advanced technologies and the cultivation of talents so that breakthroughs can be truly achieved.”

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