A Croatian biologist has developed a smart phone application that can follow the user's physical health daily by taking self-portrait photos. Self-portrait-based applications, dubbed "BodyRecog Shape Tracking App," developed by Anita Busic, analyze and measure muscle mass and body fat percentages every day, as well as other fitness factors. Busic stated on the official website of the application: "The application can provide opinions on how to improve the physical fitness of the individual."
Busic explained: "The app is designed to help users build a healthy lifestyle and discover health risks." The given lifestyle can be changed within a given period of time. New self-portrait photos can be used to reflect one's lifestyle. The degree of progress of the change. Photos can show how much has changed and how much remains to achieve specific goals. It is estimated that 50% of people will completely stop caring about their physical health if they do not achieve the results of exercise. The app has won the British Invention Exhibition in October in London and its developers are currently negotiating with potential investors.

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