Want to detect the vehicle exhaust detection station too far? Later, the Hangzhou Motor Vehicle Exhaust Test Station was opened to the public, and there will be more choices for inspection points.
Recently, the Hangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued a notice not to control the number and layout of motor vehicle environmental protection inspection agencies. Anyone who meets the requirements for motor vehicle environmental protection qualification qualifications and obtains the qualification for measurement certification can conduct inspection business.
There are more than 21 motor vehicle exhaust gas detection stations in the future. There are 21 motor vehicle exhaust gas detection stations in Hangzhou. Recently, the Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau issued a notice that will no longer control the number and layout of motor vehicle environmental inspection agencies. In other words, the number of exhaust gas detection stations will soon exceed 21.
The Hangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Construction and Management of Motor Vehicle Exhaust Gas Detection Organizations", further simplifying the business entrustment procedures on the original basis, eliminating the regulations on the number limits and layout restrictions of motor vehicle environmental inspection agencies, and encouraging different Ownership testing institutions participate in competition on an equal footing, making full use of market regulation mechanisms to promote the further development and improvement of testing capabilities and quality.
The 21 motor vehicle exhaust gas detection stations in Hangzhou are invested and constructed by enterprises. After obtaining the corresponding qualifications, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will entrust them to carry out testing services. The annual detection capacity is more than 970,000 vehicles (the total number of inspection lines under construction will reach 1.17 million). After that, the number will exceed 21 and the distribution will be wider.
The daily supervision of the environmental protection department to prevent social testing sites from cheating companies must comply with relevant standards and requirements in order to apply for inspection points, and accept the daily supervision of the Hangzhou environmental protection department in the course of service. The environmental protection department will supervise and manage the daily work of the inspection station by strengthening inspections, spot checks and remote monitoring.
These include random on-site secondary review of qualified vehicles, joint quality supervision departments to inspect the quality control system of each inspection station, and use of data and video surveillance to supervise the standardized operation and management of the inspection station.
If it is found that there are illegal and illegal inspection stations, the municipal environmental protection department will impose penalties on it according to law until the business commission is cancelled to ensure the fairness, impartiality and rationality of motor vehicle exhaust detection.
It is not so easy for the owner to avoid re-examination. If a car owner wants to speculate to evade re-examination, then advise you not to take such an adventure. The municipal environmental protection department will follow up the vehicles that have not participated in the regular exhaust gas test or fail to pass the re-examination after the initial inspection fails.
The first is to use the remote sensing technology to conduct preliminary screening of the exhaust emissions of vehicles, and conduct spot checks on the vehicles found to be highly polluting. Second, the joint traffic police department used road manual inspection and automatic snap-on snapping to conduct on-site and off-site investigations on yellow label vehicles that did not receive environmental protection signs or signs expired and entered the restricted area. The third is to conduct joint inspections of parking lots and key vehicle units in conjunction with relevant functional departments.
At present, the number of motor vehicles in Hangzhou is 2.66 million vehicles (including 500,000 motorcycles). In 2014, about 1.048 million vehicles were inspected. At the same time, due to the exemption from inspection of non-operating cars and small and micro passenger cars within 6 years of new registration. According to the policy, it is estimated that the number of vehicles to be inspected in 2015 will be around 850,000.
The existing exhaust gas detection charging standard: the diesel vehicle working condition method detection fee is 70 yuan / vehicle; the gasoline vehicle charging standard is 65 yuan / vehicle. The first inspection fails, the diesel vehicle that needs to be re-examined is charged 35 Yuan/vehicle. The gasoline vehicle is 32 yuan/unit. The vehicle and the motorcycle that cannot be used in the working condition test station adopt the simple detection method. The charging standard is 20 yuan/unit. The re-inspection charging standard is 10 yuan. / car. Times.

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