India, a mysterious and splendid country, can be enjoyed here if it is properly arranged and does not require much time.

In India, the violent collision between tradition and modernity has brought about a different kind of scene. Rajasthan, located in the northwest, is a typical epitome of this paradox. The three largest cities in the state, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, are called India. The "Golden Triangle" of tourism. If you do it properly, you don't need too much time to enjoy the atmosphere.

In the dusty city of Jodhpur, people’s lives seem to have revolved around the Mehrangarh Fort, the most complete of the hundreds of castles in Rajasthan. The palace, which was built in 1459, stands on a cliff about 125 meters high. It is made of hard sandstone carvings, and is built with walls and seven protective gates. The spikes and guns on the walls seem to tell the glorious history of the Rajputs. Pearl Palace is one of the largest palaces in the Pearl Palace. The wall material is mixed with shell powder. When the lights go out at night, the walls will give you a pearl-like faint light.

If you are looking for pure extravagance, there are few places in Rajasthan that compare with Umaid Bhawan Palace. It is a golden sandstone building built in 1943. It is a geometrical and streamlined style popular in the early 20th century. It is the main residence of the royal family in Jodhpur. Now it has been transformed into an upscale hotel with 347 rooms. This is one of the first choices for royal and celebrity weddings. British actress Elizabeth Hurley is his “faithful fan”. Gently pass through the hallway illuminated by the candlelight and reach the restaurant on the open-air pavilion, where you can also enjoy the White Wine produced in Bangalore.

India's mysterious Rajasthan

If you are in the morning, you can head to Ranakpur, the religious holy shrine on the western side of the Aravalli mountain range in Rajasthan, where the largest group of Jain temples in India was built. 1439. The most famous of these is the Temple of the Thousand Columns. Thousands of hand-carved marble columns, a variety of deities, and devout followers who once worshipped each other constitute a maze-like fantasy world. With a donation of only 10 rupees, you can spend the night in the temple. Of course, there is nothing but a cold mattress for you.

In the streets of Jaipur, it is possible to capture the truest life of Indians. Stop at the intersection of Market Street and look at people passing by in front of the temporary bus station as if they were no longer passing. Here, only 4 rupees can be used to taste the most cohesive thing in India's culture - Indian tea. It is made from a mixture of tea, milk, sugar, and dry seeds of soybean meal, boiled and served in cups made of clay. Buy some desserts and fried spicy meat dishes, listen to the latest pop music in Bollywood, do not have a taste.

The City Palace is one of the most famous monuments in Jaipur. It is located in the center of the old city and now the King of Jaipur still lives in it. Among them, there are two of the largest silver pots in the world in the private hall. It is said that it was used to carry the holy water of the Ganges River for the Indian prince who went to Britain to drink. The Palace of the Winds is one of the most "amazing" buildings. Its walls are full of 953 windows. Because of its delicate design, in the event of a squall, as long as the windows are open, the wind will blow through the front and rear windows without blowing the palace down. Of course, the windows are not only used for ventilation, but for the convenience of women in the ancient palace watching the outside world without being discovered by outsiders.

Foreign tourists often do not dare to venture into local restaurants. In fact, this is a very regrettable thing. The curry here is usually cheap, spicy and often vegetarian, not as luxurious as described in many travel guides. One of the oldest names to recommend is Khandelwal Pavitra Bhojnalaya on Amir Street, which is clean but very clean. For just 100 rupees, you can buy a sumptuous meal and enjoy unlimited lentil curry, rice and Indian pancakes.

India's mysterious Rajasthan

Jaipur has a reputation as a “Pink City,” and is covered by stalls along the streets of its old city walls. At a handcraft shop called Sankhala, young owner Ashok will enthusiastically peddle silk and saris to you. Opposite the street, a shoe shop called Jaipurnagra sells handmade leather shoes.

If you are tired of vegetarianism and want to try a slowly grilled chicken, lamb, and creamy cheese sauce, then go to Royal Treat on Amer Street, which is a home from Rajasthan. An upscale restaurant decorated with red, gold and black wood. The two people's dinner costs about 450 rupees, including the famous Kingfisher beer. The restaurant also has folk dance performances.

Hangovers in India are a very rare occurrence. Fortunately, the hospitable Indians will invite you to any kind of party. So, go to Shani Mandir with your best clothes or just bought sari. During the wedding season, this Hindu temple will hold a wedding banquet almost every night. Your “unwelcome guest of the wedding” will surely feel the most enthusiastic, biggest and lasting wedding party here.

With its elegant, secluded streets, Udaipur has won such names as “the most romantic city in India”. At the same time, it is also the most modern city in India. There are various backpackers and electric bike riders on the streets. Buy a cup of coffee at one of the famous Café Edelweiss in the area and take a leisurely walk to Lake Pichola to see the sights of the artificial lake built in 1300.

In the center of Lake Pichola there is a Jagmandir Island Palace where King Singh built a fun house for his son. Take a yacht into the palace, this time just to eat lunch in the hotel's restaurant. Sitting on the terrace facing the lake, the distant lakes and mountains complement each other. The tall stone elephants quietly embrace the lush gardens. Unconsciously, they have become part of the beauty. It is truly a courtesy for the emperor.

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Low head room overhead crane

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