On November 26th, the China Petroleum and Chemical Private Enterprises Top 100 Conference and Private Enterprises International Development Forum was held in Linyi City, Shandong Province.
The meeting was hosted by the SME Working Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.
It is reported that among the top 100 private enterprises in the petrochemical industry selected, there are 4 tire companies on the list.
The four private enterprises are: Sailong Jinyu Group Co., Ltd.; Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd.; Chengshan Group Co., Ltd.; Ningxia Dadi Cycle Development Co., Ltd.
According to reports, in 2016, the main business income of the top 100 private oil and chemical enterprises reached 1.03 trillion yuan, total assets of 1.05 trillion yuan, total profit of 57.14 billion yuan, and taxes paid 36.32 billion yuan.

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Main Features

1. Laser blanking to ensure the accuracy of the flatness and size of the plate without two times of dressing
2. Spray paint for electrophoretic rust removal, lacquer or powder spraying, two spraying modes
3. Seat direction machine can be collocated at any time, according to the actual drawings of the customer, a single set can be made.
4. We can do the most complex and most technical cab to serve special vehicles.
1. Seating for cloth or leather
2. Installation of tempered glass
3. Using the hardware of famous domestic manufacturers
4. Seats can be adjusted up and down

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