Sewage pumps have received more and more attention from the people, from the original pure water used to transport the various domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, construction site drainage, liquid feed and so on. In the process of use, it will inevitably encounter some problems. Effective maintenance can prevent many problems.

1. The sewage pump should be specially managed and used, and regularly check whether the insulation resistance between the electric pump winding and the casing is normal.

2. After each use, especially for thicker, more viscous media, submersible pumps should be placed in clean water for several minutes to prevent deposits in the pump and ensure the cleanliness of the submersible sewage pump.

3, submersible sewage pump, such as a long time when not in use should be out of the water pump, do not soak in water for a long time, to reduce the chance of motor stator winding moisture, increase the service life of the pump, you can paint to paint off the place, so as not to rust .

4. In the normal state, the sewage pump should be filled or replaced with oil in the oil chamber (10-30 oil) after every 300-500 hours of use, so that the mechanical seal maintains a good lubrication state and the service life of the mechanical seal is improved.

5, diving unclogged sewage pump removal, maintenance, housing components must be 0.2MPa airtight test to ensure that the motor seal is reliable, the test pump should adopt a click method to ensure that the product is normal and then start the motor.

6, replace the seal ring: After long-term use in the sewage medium, the gap between the impeller and the seal ring may increase, resulting in reduced pump flow and efficiency, should turn off the switch, lift the pump, remove the bottom cover, remove Seal ring, according to the actual size of the impeller ring with seal ring, the gap is generally about 0.5mm.

7. Small submersible sewage pumps can be installed in a mobile manner. Submersible sewage pumps with caliber exceeding 100mm are recommended to be installed in a coupled manner for later maintenance and testing.

Author: Yong Jia Liangbang pump manufacturers

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