Everyone knows to mention the car glass, but if you want to highlight your knowledge in front of everyone, or when you are in the replacement or purchase of used cars can help, be sure to have a bottom, then please read the following, teach you to read Understand the meaning of the logo on the car glass.

Here's an example to introduce the meaning of the glass label:

1, the car's brand, I believe I do not need to say more.

2. China's compulsory 3C certification.

3, the brand of automotive glass manufacturers, Fu Yao in the picture.

4. Automobile glass manufacturer's code, E000137 in the figure represents Fuyao Group Changchun Co., Ltd.

5. E in the figure represents the European Union's logo certification and 4 represents the Netherlands.

6, DOT and the following figures represent the US Department of Transportation DOT certification code.

7, LAMINATED understands English will understand that this is the type of glass, which means laminated glass. If it is TEMPERED it means tempered glass.

8, 8 represents the production date of the glass, 8 represents the year, it means that it is 2008 production, .. represents the month, points before the number means the first half, followed by the second half, several points represent For a few months forward or backward, use "7 minus points" before and "13 minus points" afterwards.

In the figure, the correct meaning of ..8 is May 2008 production. Learning to read the glass production date is very important when you buy a used car. Under normal circumstances, the production date of the whole glass is close. If the production date of each glass is different, it means that the car must have some problems. may.

Let's take a look at the underside of the glass, and take a picture of the side window glass of a car.

Conclusion: There are few people who really understand people, such as automotive glass, which have few people's attention. Through the above introduction, I believe that you have more understanding of the automotive glass knowledge.

False Twist Two-For-One Twisting Machine


1. CY250 can produce steaming fold filament from wire silk by one step which will reach to the effect of real like silk.

2. The machine has high flexibility which not only can be used as ordinary Two-For-One Twister, but also can be used for twisting constant heat-setting yarn.

3. Inset ceramic piece in filar guide is used for yarn breaking.

4. Inset ceramic piece in over-feed fixes in two independent drive axis, which is used to control the tension of yarn precisely during the setting and winding.

5. The Silk Wheel is equipped in each over-feed can be adjusted tension of both take-up and inner heater pipe.

6. The yarn refueling device in the machine is an automatically device to fill center fuel tank.(For choice)

7. The machine is equipped with automatic tag-ending device. (For choice)

8. Yarn is in the inlet of heater pipe which has a ceramic silk wheel to lesson the tension of yarn.

9. The computer system control the temperature of heater pipe, which can monitor whether the heater pipe is at normal work or not and working conditions, and the effect will be showed on the computer.

10. The exhaust emission system is connected to user central Control System.

11. The machine is equipped with magnetic false-twist spindle which is easy to operate.

12. Gear case is used for winding, with lip motion device for the soft edge.

13. The control of the whole machine is all installed in the control casing at the head of machine (spindle, false twist spindle, over-feed device and change of twist range).

14. The whole machine carries out digital monitor by a set of software, including: spindle speed, false twist spindle speed, over-feed rate, take-up speed, yarn meter counter, alarm display, working hours, procedure memory and twist direction(S or Z), etc.

False Twist Two-for-one Twisting Machine

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