How much do you know about the tires that your car uses everyday? To know how much you know, go and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of all-steel radial tires. Since the radial tire structure is different from the bias tire, it has superior performance over the bias tire.

Seven congenital advantages Do you really understand radial tires?

01 Long service life

The radial tire has a large tread rigidity and small circumferential deformation, and can use harder rubber as a tread material, so the wear resistance is good. In addition, the ground contact area of ​​the tire is large, the pressure on the ground is small, the load is distributed evenly, and the amount of sliding movement on the road surface is small, making the mileage of the tire 50% longer than the bias tire.

02 Low rolling resistance and fuel savings

Due to the small number of meridian tire plies and the low friction between layers, the rolling resistance is 25% to 30% lower than that of bias tires, which not only improves the dynamic performance of the car, but also improves fuel economy. In actual use, the fuel saving rate can reach 6%--8%, and with the increase of the vehicle speed, the fuel-saving effect is better.

03 Large capacity

The radial arrangement of the radial tire cords can fully utilize the strength of the cords, which is approximately 14% higher than that of bias tires.

Seven congenital advantages Do you really understand radial tires?

04 Good adhesion performance

Due to the good elasticity of the carcass, large ground contact area, less tread slip, and good adhesion performance, it is beneficial to improving the dynamic performance of the car.

05 Good vibration damping performance

Seven congenital advantages Do you really understand radial tires?

The radial tires are softer than the biased tires, have good elasticity, and have good cushioning performance, which can improve the smoothness of the car, ride comfort, and prolong the service life of automobile parts.

06 Low tire temperature, fast heat dissipation

As the number of radial tire plies is small, and the ply is not sheared, the friction is smaller than that of bias tires, and the heat dissipation is quicker and the temperature rise is lower, which is favorable for increasing the vehicle speed.

07 Tread is not easy to puncture, not easy to puncture

The stable layer of the radial tire is very tough, which can reduce the tire's wear by nails etc., which can be roughly reduced by half. Because the strength of the cord can be fully utilized, the tire is less prone to blasting under harsh conditions of use.

The weakness of radial tires is the easy generation of cracks near the tread and the sidewall transition zone and bead, which requires high material and manufacturing technology and high manufacturing costs. However, since radial tires are significantly superior to ordinary bias tires, their application is becoming more and more common.

How do you know how much you know about radial tires? Of course, Xiao Bian believes that whether you know more or less about the tires, it will change your car into a suitable and safe tire.

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