So far, Sizheng has met many users' reaction to product testing. During the selection process of the user's products, they always use the pickups of different manufacturers for testing and comparison. In these processes, how to test is actually very important.

First: the objective environment must be consistent
<br> <br> think positive when I met such a user, they are comparing different manufacturers to test pickups pickup time, some indoors, some outdoors. Some of them are closer to air conditioners or noise sources, and some are far away... This test result is definitely not the same, and users use this result to judge the quality of the product. In fact, it is not good for each manufacturer. .

Second: The distance between the pickup and the sound source

In the same circumstances, we must also consider that each pickup must be the same distance from the person speaking, although not exactly the same distance, but at least similar. In addition, in the test process, sound effects at different distances should be tested, such as sound conditions at different distances such as 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, etc. at a distance of 1 meter. Of course, this process test person must be the same person to ensure that the frequency of the sound is consistent...

Third: the back-end equipment must be consistent <br> <br> in the environment and ensure the distance in the same situation, we must also take into account the access equipment. Whether using IPC as a transport or using a DVR as a storage, we have set up to use the same machine or the same model as much as possible. For example, we have encountered some users using different IPCs as access devices. The result of the playback from storage is indeed a certain difference...

Fourth: the camera and the storage server settings <br> <br> despite using the same model IPC may also appear differences, the network camera has audio input mode has a variety of different decoding mode produces a different sound effects, some The IPC has built-in noise reduction capability, which can reduce the noise of the pickup to a certain extent (at the same time, it will also cause some distortion), and turning on different functions will also produce different sound effects. Therefore, in the test process, the audio decoding mode or the camera's audio function will also lead to different effects.

Fifth: Power <br> <br> This part is the most overlooked part of many of the users that make pickups work of power there is no problem, everyone knows pickups for power has certain requirements. Because the operating modes of different power supplies (switching power supply and linear power supply) are different, the ripple (current interference) generated by them is also different. Therefore, it is recommended that users use a linear power supply when testing. Although some microphones incorporate filters, in fact, the current generated by the switching power supply is still unavoidable. This, in addition to the amplified effect of the pickups, will make these currents more pronounced... Therefore, we recommend using a linear power supply if Conditions allow to use the same power supply (central power supply) for testing...

Sixth: pickup magnification <br> <br> it has an extremely important role in noise reduction performance comparison of different pickups. Some manufacturers make the pickups sound cleaner (quiet) to reduce the pickup magnification, which in some cases makes the pickup sound very quiet, but it also brings another problem, that is, the reduction of the pickup distance or say Make the sound far from the sound of the place where it sounds relatively strenuous ... because the test compares the noise reduction effect of different manufacturers of products, it is recommended that you can adjust the magnification of different pickups (think of the pickup part of the product has adjustment buttons) to adjust the same. Let the sound picked up by each pickup sound the same, and then judge the noise reduction performance of different products...

Gantry Crane can be a Single Girder Gantry Crane, Double Girder Gantry Crane, Rtg Crane or project gantry cranes with capacity 1t - 900t. Gantry cranes are usually employed to handle project materials, bulk material, containers, etc at outdoor working site, container yard, shipbuilding yard, bulking material site, road construction site, etc.


Features of Gantry Crane:

1. Box type girder, weld structure, large working space, and convenient installation and maintenance;

3. Components is of standardization, seriation and generalization;

4. Power supply can be from cable reel (left and right) and conductor bar( left and right);

5. Broad view of cab, equipped the internal linkage control console, flexible and comfortable operation, install of fan, heater, cooler, air-conditions and intercom  according to the customers' requirements;

6. Customized lift height, span, power supply, operation (pendant, cabin) and gantry crane structure (girder, supporting legs, cantilever).


Main Data of Gantry Crane:

Capacity: 1t - 900t or custom

Lift Height: 6m - 40m or custom

Span: 6m - 70m or custom

Work Duty: A4, A5, A6,A7or custom

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