In the current material handling, it is very important to choose a good dryer. The three-cylinder dryer is one of the best. Most of the drying process is indispensable. At present, three-cylinder dryers are widely used in the drying of raw materials for Chinese herbal medicines, coal, mixed materials, iron powder, building materials, chemicals, and casting industries.

It is understood that the three-cylinder dryer is a good choice for drying high-quality biomass materials and producing high-quality biomass fuels. At present, China advocates the concepts of energy conservation, environmental protection, and green production. Domestic three-tube dryer equipment manufacturers are also actively promoting the upgrading and transformation of equipment.

For example, the three-cylinder drum drying equipment introduced on the market can increase the biomass fuel efficiency by 5-15% through the dryer biomass material. Wide range of applications, is a low energy consumption, high drying efficiency drying equipment.

According to the industry, most of the three-cylinder dryers introduced in China are reasonable in design and reliable in performance, so the heat utilization rate is high, the drying is uniform, the number of cleaning materials is small, and the utility model is convenient for maintenance. But the process of using this device is suitable, and you need to pay special attention to a few points. According to the information, the author is organized as follows:

Prior inspection before starting up

The first point is that before starting the machine every day, you need to pay attention to the pre-inspection work of the three-cylinder dryer. First, you should check whether the connections of the various parts of the machine are normal, and check whether there are signs of looseness in the loose parts such as belts and bearings. To prevent accidental loosening due to excessive machine work.

Secondly, it is necessary to check whether there are too many residues in the parts of the fuselage that are easy to accumulate material residues. If it is, it needs to be cleaned up in time, and pay attention to clean up the flying floes and dust in the floc inside the fuselage, and clean the garbage. In addition, it is necessary to supplement the fuel in the fuel tank and the oil in the oil hole.

Adjust the operation process according to the specific situation

Secondly, during the use of the machine, the operator needs to pay attention to the display in the operating platform at all times, and also needs to adjust the operation flow according to the specific situation during the operation, from the selection of the material type to the drying time. The length of the machine requires the professional operators of the three-cylinder dryer.

In the working process of this dryer, because it is directly controlled by the microcomputer chip, the operators can also control at any time during the drying process, such as lengthening the drying time or reducing the water content of the material. Etc., can be continuously adjusted according to the specific conditions of the material.

Pay attention to the replacement of vulnerable parts in time

Thirdly, in the process of using the three-cylinder dryer, it is necessary to pay attention to the wear of several vulnerable parts at any time. If necessary, it should be replaced in time, and it is not possible to delay the use of the parts to the use limit, and then in the production process. Damage occurred in it, which greatly damaged the performance of the entire dryer.

According to the industry, in general, the replacement of some vulnerable parts has a certain regularity. Everyone should pay attention to record the manual of the whole dryer in daily operation, and clearly specify how often the relevant parts should be replaced once, so that you can Goodly maintain the use of the entire machine.

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