The old driver has a saying: The bad car first rots, so many drivers will choose to install the engine under the protection board to protect the exposed chassis. However, some people think that the lower guard plate has a limited effect and may also affect the engine sinking in the event of an accident. Can the installation of the engine guard plate affect safety? What material's lower guard is cost-effective? In this issue, the College of Automotive Technology will talk about engine protection.

Dirt, rain, and sand leaving the road will cause different degrees of erosion of the exposed chassis, and uneven road surface may also damage the oil pan.

At this time, it is necessary to install an engine guard. It can effectively prevent sediment from being caught in the chassis and protect the oil pan from being damaged by stones or raised surfaces.

Of course, if you have a big stone and you want to open it, you will only be on the US team's shield.


In addition, the lower guard can also optimize the aerodynamic performance of the car, especially when running at high speed, reducing wind noise and fuel consumption.

Most high-end models come with their own guards when they leave the factory. Some family cars do not have a mounting hole.


"I heard that the lower guard will affect the sinking of the engine."

Engine sinking technology. If an impact occurs in front of the car, the front engine may be pushed into the cab, causing personal injury. With the sinking design, the engine can move downwards in front of the impact, not directly pressing the driver or passenger. Instead of dropping the engine directly to the ground, it dipped a few centimeters along the track of the support frame and was stuck by the chassis.

The front edge of the lower guard plate is mounted on the sinking frame and can be lowered together with the engine, and the trailing edge screw can also be directly detached. The regular guard plate will not affect the safety of the engine.


Do not worry about heat dissipation. The lower guard usually has many small holes. When the car is running, the air flow enters from the front of the car and flows out through the small holes, which will not affect the heat dissipation of the engine.


"Then I quickly installed a protective shield. How much is it?"

Plastics or resins are the cheapest, light, but easily broken; aluminum alloys are high in hardness, light in weight, and most expensive; steel or manganese alloy underlays have strong impact resistance but are relatively heavy.

Often take a bad road to install a manganese steel shield, often driving in the city, plastic shield is enough.


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