April 28, 2018 was informed, FAW Wuxi Diesel 6DL3 country five product launches Order 15 in Urumqi scene. Li Yizheng, general manager of Xinjiang Commodity Agency Division, FAW Jiefang Co., Ltd.; Cao Renyou, manager of FAW Qingdao Liberated Xinjiang Branch; Ruan Zhongxiang, general manager of Xinjiang Luyi Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.; Xue Lianpeng, Wu Danmu, Peng Lihua, Chairman of Pengfei Huahang Transport Co., Ltd., and Urumqi. More than 100 representatives of more than 80 users from around the world attended the promotion.

FAW Jiefang Chai 6DL3 National Five Product Promotion Conference Held in Urumqi FAW Jiefang Chai 6DL3 National Five Product Promotion Conference Held in Urumqi

At the event, Sun Mingmin, the manager of the Louis Vuitton Company, explained the advantages and features of the Qingdao liberation car to the on-site users, highlighting the service advantages of liberated products, and the fuel-saving and power-driven features of Xichai Aowei's products. The presentation focused on the interpretation and analysis of FAW Jiefang Chai 6DL3 Five Products through the introduction of six core advantages such as low energy consumption, strong power, quality assurance, safe escort, exclusive comfort and personalized customization. In particular, the user-recognized three major recognized fuel economy, power, and reliability of Xichai made special presentations and explanations, so that users who had not purchased Liberation Aowei products were more intuitively familiar with the Xichai Aowei series. Understanding, but also more confidence in the liberation of products.

FAW Liberated Xichai 6DL3 State V Engine FAW Liberated Xichai 6DL3 State V Engine

Excellent product quality coupled with the preferential policies given on the day of the event, Xue Lengpeng, chairman of Pengfei Huahang Company, Urumqi, immediately decided to purchase 15 more units in the case of 26 Qingdao liberation 420-hp tractors. FAW Jiexi Xichai has a high-quality product and superb, lean and sincere service, which truly allows users to experience “really to the world”.


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