April 12, 2018, Dongfeng commercial vehicle high KLS Minister and his entourage to visit, Lung Poon Shi Junfeng, Chairman and General Manager of KLS Qin Jian, first visited the hall, accompanied by an old friend of KLS.

Visit the Kosovo showroom Visit the Kosovo showroom

Mr. Qin Jian introduced the products of the company to all of you. When you speak of the province, you are particularly emotional: “Provincial Chang is a special research and development for the cost savings of riders. Since its launch, it has been widely praised by users.” The friends of Dongfeng said one after another: “Korean is a responsible company that has made excellent efforts for environmental protection and users.”

Kexin "clean core" "province smooth" products Kexin "clean core" "province smooth" products

Afterwards, everyone also visited the R&D center and workshop of Kossell. After hearing the detailed explanations and seeing the well-ordered workshop, everyone said with emotion: “No matter if it is a brand of Kant, it is the most trusted by the users and the sales volume tops the list. ."

Happy time always makes people feel short-lived and the entire meeting ends in the meeting. Gao said that the relationship with Kosher will only deepen: "Ke-Shuo is an orderly company with high standards and strict requirements."


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