At present, China's environmental testing equipment plays an important role in emerging industries such as wind power, nuclear power generation, the Internet of Things, smart grids, high-speed rail and rail transit, and the market is expanding further. The test box is the general name for the products of the ring test industry. The types of the test box include: high-low temperature test box, salt spray test box, cold and heat shock test box, constant temperature and humidity test box, xenon lamp aging test box, and ultraviolet aging test box.
Among them, the salt spray test chamber has a wide range of applications, and has been widely used in the fields of industry and agriculture, scientific research, culture, education, health, and national defense establishment. It is a key product of the ring test industry. The operating principle of the salt spray tester is relatively single. The main method is to use a corrosive gas liquid to spray the sample. By spraying the corrosion gas liquid until the corrosion of the sample occurs, the corrosion resistance of the sample is longer. This means that the better the corrosion resistance of the sample.
The corrosion solution in the general salt spray tester is mainly a 5% concentration sodium chloride solution or 0.26 gram of copper chloride per liter in a sodium chloride solution as a salt spray corrosion solution. In addition, the salt spray tester can autonomously regulate the amount of salt spray deposition and spray, ensure that the test temperature is constant, easy to operate, the test environment is stable. Therefore, it is often used to test the corrosion resistance of daily life products or industrial products.
At present, compared with some developed countries, the domestic salt spray test tanks have a technical gap of at least 10 to 15 years. However, because China's test chamber industry has the largest scale, most complete varieties, and comprehensive strength, it has become more important in the world. Manufacturing base and consumption base. Although there is still a big gap with foreign industries, the gap is gradually narrowing as market demand gradually increases.
At present, the characteristics and trends of the salt spray test chamber industry in China are clearly defined. However, due to constraints in system styles, mechanisms, economic and technological integration, and talents, enterprises are “multiple, scattered, and weak” and scientific research and development can be increased. There is a gap in product invariability and reliability. The market presents intermediate and high-end products with foreign investment and imports. The medium-grade and low-products tend to be dominated by Chinese-funded enterprises, resulting in some large-scale salt spray test chambers becoming export products. .
With the development of the network, the development of the salt spray chamber has brought opportunities and risks. The products of salt spray test chambers should be developed towards intelligent, systematic, modular and diversified system terminals, with increasingly powerful functions, substantial increase in technological content, and a clear transition to high value-added products; further expansion of the scope of application, intelligent salt spray test Boxes have become an important direction of development, technological innovation has become the main driving force for the survival and development of enterprises, and talent has become a decisive factor for corporate competition.
The instrumentation industry is a basic and strategic industry for the national economy. It has a wide range of applications covering industries, agriculture, power, transportation, science and technology, environmental protection, national defense, culture, education, and health. The salt spray test chamber is an important part of modern large-scale key equipment, and its role can not be underestimated. It can be seen that the test box will usher in a round of development opportunities.

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