On April 8-11, 2018, the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia (“Forum: Forum”) was held in Boao, Hainan, with the theme of “Open and Innovative Asia, a Prosperous and Developing World”, and political leaders, business elites and media reporters from all over the world. Get together and let the city gather the eyes of the world.

As a high-level domestic conference, the forum commuter support vehicle has strict requirements on product performance and even the manufacturer's brand image. According to the China Bus Network, the Jiangling Jingmafu Zungong Business Bus became the Boao Forum for Asia VIP service car during this session. Jiangling Jingma Fuzun Bus will provide distinguished, safe and comfortable travel services for the participating guests.
As everyone knows, the Boao Forum for Asia is an important window for China to connect with the world and is an annual event for Asian countries. The service forum is not only a glorious special job, but also can not be missed. If the vehicle fails during the service, it will not only affect the normal operation of the activity, but also cause extremely adverse effects. To this end, it must be ensured. As a member of the Chinese brand bus company, Jiangling Jingma Automobile is able to provide service vehicles for the forum. It is the honor of Jiangling Jingma and means a responsibility. Jiangling Jingma will serve the forum with great quality products, reliable performance, good ride experience and perfect service guarantee to complete the transportation service guarantee of Boao Forum for Asia.

The model of the JMC Jingma Auto Service is the Fuzun series, which is a mid- to high-end commercial bus that entered the 6-8m early stage of the domestic bus industry. It has been continuously upgraded for more than ten years. Sales, sales, sales have always been in the business, tourism, passenger transport and other fields. In the key components of the vehicle, a number of advantageous resources are gathered: the Jiangling high-quality diesel engine is used, which is derived from the internationally famous Isuzu diesel engine technology; it matches the most mature 5-speed or 6-speed gearbox of Jiangling Getrag. Efficient power performance improves driving safety and comfort. Not only that, but the good shock absorption, quiet control effect and spacious and comfortable interior space, as well as ergonomic seats, adjustable steering wheel and other details design also highlights the ingenuity of its manufacturing process.

The Fuzun series products have surpassed the industry average in terms of appearance and comfort, safety and stability. Jiangling's three major pieces of good reputation in the industry not only save energy consumption, but also effectively reduce the operating costs of the operators; the vehicle cathodic electrophoresis enhances the anti-corrosion ability and aesthetics of the vehicle. In terms of product quality, Jiangling Jingma adopts a refined production method to ensure the safety of passenger cars from the source through digital simulation test, parts inspection and testing, assembly reliability testing and vehicle reliability testing. Performance and product quality. Provide green, distinguished, safe and comfortable travel services for the guests of this forum.

During the conference, Fuzun Bus will be responsible for the transfer service from the hotels and buildings to the conference centers. Its luxurious experience, such as elegant and smooth shape, humanized details and wide space, has won high praise from friends from all over the world: "The seating space is spacious and comfortable to sit. The sunshade is transparent and breathable. The scenery outside the window. We are very much looking forward to having more such buses into our country, and we hope that this forum will strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in this regard."

As a representative of a national brand model, the Fuzun series has been widely favored by users in various industries since its inception. For more than ten years, with its stable and reliable quality and good service support capabilities, it has repeatedly become a frequent visitor to major events: Dalian International Davos Forum Conference Car, Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition Car, Zunyi Travel Conference Car and In this Boao Forum for Asia, Fu Zun has taken on the heavy responsibility and completed the mission with zero faults and won wide acclaim.

During the Boao Forum for Asia, various service guarantees were also being carried out in an orderly manner. Choosing Jiangling Jingma Automobile as a service vehicle is the trust of Jiangling Jingma Automobile's quality and the recognition of Jingma's service quality spirit. In the future, Jiangling Jingma will continue to serve as the national brand of China, and actively provide service support for the top events held by the country. With excellent quality and excellent service, it will ensure the safe and smooth travel of the world's guests, thus representing “Made in China” and facing the world. It has set a new benchmark for "national foreign security vehicles."

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