Permanent ground library

The permanent ground blasting equipment library shall be a bungalow, brick-concrete structure, and the wall shall be firm, dense and insulated, and resistant to corrosion. The roof should be reinforced concrete roof, the roof should have insulation; the wooden roof must be fireproofed. Light storage roofs must be used in warehouses where pyrotechnics and nitrated fried fats are stored. Ground floor should be smooth, strong, crack-free, moisture, corrosion, iron is not exposed on the surface. The detonator warehouse has wooden floors and auxiliary cushions.

Storage management of nitroglycerin explosives, detonators and squibs must be placed on the shelves, boxes (bags) are prohibited from stacking, the distance between the boxes and the upper shelf of the shelves shall not be less than 4cm, and the width of the shelves shall not exceed two packages (bags). The width, the distance between the shelves shall not be less than 1.3m, and the distance between the shelves and the wall shall not be less than 20cm. Other blasting equipment shall be piled on the slab, the spacing of each pile shall not be less than 1.3m, the pile shall not be less than 20cm from the wall, and the pile height shall not exceed 1.6m. Tools and debris that are not related to management work shall not be stored in the warehouse; the warehouse must be clean, moisture-proof, and well ventilated to prevent rodents.

The police reserve area must set up guards at night, strengthen patrols, and prohibit unrelated personnel from entering the reservoir area. The alarm device and fire-fighting, communication, and lightning protection devices shall be inspected quarterly. If the blasting equipment is found to be lost or stolen, it must be reported to the local public security organ in time.

Underground storage and distribution station

Issuing authority and the sub-library downhole structure without special requirements, nitroglycerine only requires storage of explosives and detonators and chamber walls of the grooves to be provided metal mesh door, fire set entrance gates.

The distribution station is located in a mine with multiple middle sections. When the distance between the blasting equipment and the working surface is more than 2.5km or there is no sub-library in the underground, it is allowed to set up the issuing station in each middle section. The underground blasting equipment issuing station must meet the following requirements: special ventilation tunnels should be provided. The distance from the pedestrian roadway is not less than 25m, and at least one right-angle bend is connected to the pedestrian roadway. Storage: Explosives should not exceed 500kg, and detonators should not exceed one case. Explosives and detonators must be stored separately, separated by brick walls or concrete walls, and the thickness of the partition wall is not less than 25cm.

Surface temporary library

An independent distribution room shall be set up in the temporary warehouse of the surface, with an area of ​​not less than 9 square meters. An independent detonator warehouse shall be provided. It is advisable to set up a wall or iron shovel net not less than 2m high. There must be enough fire equipment in the library. Temporary warehouse (should be a bungalow) The floor must be smooth and seamless, walls, floors, roofs and doors are made of wood. Fire-resistant paint should be applied; windows must have a layer of steel-clad windows.

Car or carriage special compartment storage blasting equipment

In field blasting operations of no more than 6 months, blasting equipment is allowed to be stored in cars or carriages, but the following rules must be observed:

1 It is forbidden to make the special car into the form of trailer; the special car must be the wooden car with outer iron sheet, the front wall and the side wall of the car should have 30cm×30cm iron grid ventilation hole, the rear wall open the door, the door is wooden door outer iron (or aluminum) )skin. The door should be locked and the exterior of the car should be painted with fire retardant paint and marked with a hazard.

2 The amount of blasting equipment stored shall not exceed two-thirds of the rated load of the vehicle.

In the right front corner of the 3 compartment, a wooden box can be set up for the special detonator, which is lined with a cushion and is individually locked. When the same vehicle is loaded with explosives and detonating equipment, the detonator shall not exceed 2000 rounds and the corresponding fuse and detonating cord.

4 compartments should be guarded during the day and night, and the parking place should ensure the safety of the operating points, buildings, important structures and equipment. Outside the special car 50m, it is allowed to measure the electric detonator and process the detonator.

Use a vessel to keep blasting equipment

The vessel shall be kept in blasting equipment. Hazard signs shall be hung on the ship and red lights shall be hanged at night. There are security guards, parked in safe places outside the route, no less than 250m from the docks, buildings, other vessels and blasting operations; when landing, no ones are allowed to enter the shore within 50m.

There shall be a separate explosive and detonator compartment on board, each compartment shall have a separate entrance and exit and be separated from the engine room and heat source; the storage capacity shall not exceed 2t; the frame of the blasting equipment shall be provided with a flange, and the box (bag) containing the blasting equipment shall be Securely fixed.

Fireworks are strictly prohibited on board. Sufficient fire-fighting equipment should be provided. Only mobile battery lights or safety flashlights are allowed to illuminate.

Temporary open air stacking

In special circumstances, blasting equipment approved by the unit security department and the local county (city) public security organ may be temporarily stacked in an open space, subject to the following provisions:

1 Stacking yards should choose safe places, strictly guard, patrol guards around the clock, fireworks are strictly prohibited within 100m, and no debris can be piled up in the venue.

2 blasting equipment should be stacked on the skid. It is forbidden to stack directly on the ground, and the upper part should be covered with canvas or a simple tent.

3 Do not mix detonators and explosives. The distance between the explosives and the detonator shall not be less than 25m.

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