Toyota's fiscal year 2013 financial report released

On May 8, Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Toyota) released the joint financial report of Toyota Group from April 2013 to March 2014 and the joint financial forecast report for fiscal 2014 (the fiscal year of Japan is April of the previous year In March of this year, the scope includes subsidiaries within the scope of the Toyota Group joint financial statements, such as Daihatsu Motors and Hino Motors.

Toyota once again set a record for the highest profit (270.73 billion yen) set in fiscal 2007 in six years. The world’s sales exceeded 10 million for the first time, making it the first car group to break the 10 million mark.

According to official data, Toyota Group’s sales for fiscal 2013 amounted to 25.691 billion yen (approximately RMB 1.5542 trillion), an increase of RMB 362.77 billion (approximately RMB 219.5 billion) over the same period of last year, representing a year-on-year increase of 16.4%. Operating profit was 2.291 billion yen (approximately RMB 138.7 billion), an increase of RMB 911.2 billion (approximately RMB 58.8 billion) over the same period of last year, an increase of 73.5% year-on-year. Net profit was 1,823,100 million yen (approximately RMB 110.3 billion), an increase of 860.9 billion yen (approximately RMB 52.1 billion) over the same period of last year, an increase of 89.5% year-on-year.

Toyota predicts that sales in FY2014 (April 2014 to March 2015) will reach JPY 2,570 billion (approximately RMB 1,544.7 billion), an increase of JPY 8.1 billion (approximately RMB 4.9) over the previous fiscal year. Billion). Operating profit is expected to reach 2.3 trillion yen (approximately RMB 141.3 billion), an increase of 7.9 billion yen (approximately RMB 480 million) from the previous fiscal year.

Mr. Toyoda said that “the increase in operating profit was mainly attributable to the increase in car sales in Japan and North America and the reduction in operating costs of the group.” He expects Toyota’s sales of 10.25 million cars (including Daihatsu Motors) in the next fiscal year. Hino Motor Co., Ltd. forecasts net income of 25.7 trillion yen, operating profit of 2.3 trillion yen, and net profit of 1.78 trillion yen. Although net profit is expected to be lower than this year, R&D expenditure is 960 billion yen.

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