Car tires are "age", even if a new tire is stored for more than four years, it will also be aging, because the main material of the tire is rubber, and the characteristics of rubber is to use it for a long time or it will be aging, if you use aging Tire weight affects the performance of the vehicle, and tire accidents are life-threatening.

Identifying the tire's production date is simple. A string of four digits can be found where the tire is near the hub. The first two digits indicate the production week and the last two digits indicate the year of production. If the car mainly replaces the tires, be sure to look at the date of production at the time of selection.

In addition, car owners must not blindly upgrade their tires, otherwise it will cause safety hazards. After determining the tire size, select the tire with the same pattern to ensure the safe use of the upgraded vehicle. If the degree of tire wear, structure and specifications are inconsistent, not only affect the service life of the tire, more importantly, it will cause the car's braking resistance is inconsistent, the car's high-speed driving needs emergency braking, the tire resistance is different so that the four-wheel force is not uniform , Can easily cause traffic accidents caused by loss of control of the vehicle.

It should be noted that when upgrading tires, it is best to replace the four tires at the same time. If you can not change at the same time, at least to maintain the same two left and right tires, so you can avoid the side brakes caused by the difference between the left and right tire friction when the brake is suddenly braking.


In the maintenance of the car, the maintenance of the battery is also very important. If you develop a bad use habit, it will shorten the service life of the battery or cause damage. The battery life is generally 2 to 3 years. If the user privately installs some of the original appliances, such as subwoofers, it will cause excessive use of the battery.

Nowadays, more and more electric devices are on the car. Therefore, when the car owners use these electric devices, they should try not to overload the battery. Taking electric windows and skylights as an example, the owner should complete its lifting and closing before the engine stalls, because if the engine stalls, it will stop generating electricity. At this time, lifting and lowering the window will increase the load on the battery and cause damage to the battery. damage.

The same goes for the lights. If there is no special need to turn off the lights, turn off the headlights first, then turn off the lights. When starting the car at night, turn on the headlights before turning on the headlights to minimize the damage to the batteries. If the battery is allowed to work when the engine is stopped, it is necessary to prevent the battery from losing power, because if the power loss is likely to cause damage to the battery, if the power loss is serious, the battery will be scrapped in advance.

air conditioning

Automotive air-conditioning evaporators, fans and other long-term closed dark state, the internal environment of high temperature and humidity. Impurities, dust, bacteria, and viruses in the air enter the interior of the air conditioner and adhere to the condensate and block on the evaporator and other components. Over time, it accumulates a lot of dirt, nicotine, mold, fungi and so on. Molds and fungi will multiply quickly and produce rot odors. These odors will open up with the air conditioner, be trapped in the cold air, contaminate the interior of the whole carriage, and often make the driver feel uncomfortable.

Before using the air conditioner, it is recommended that the owner clean the air conditioning piping and the evaporation box. At present, there are three methods for automobile air conditioning cleaning in the automotive service market:

One kind of washing method is dismantling and washing. The method of dismantling and washing is very troublesome, time-consuming and laborious, and it is easy to cause air-conditioning damage during the process of dismantling and washing.

The second method is steam cleaning. This method was popular in the past two years. However, steam cleaning of air conditioners can easily lead to damage to the circuit boards on the vehicles. Therefore, the use of steam to clean automobile air conditioners has become less and less.

The third method is to use air-conditioning cleaning fluid. Due to the unique chemical composition of the cleaning solution, it has strong decontamination capability in the automotive air conditioning system, keeps the evaporator and the condenser inner wall clean and suppresses the formation of dirt, thereby effectively improving the heat exchange between the evaporator and the condenser. The efficiency and the fluidity of the refrigerant can achieve the effect of rapidly reducing the outlet temperature and cooling air.

Fine Sand Recycling Machine, also know as fine sand recover device, is a device follows a Sand Washing Machine, as you may know that there is some fine sand mixed with the water after separating the sand from the water, the fine sand recover machine is used to recover the fine sand in the waste water, a pump feed the waste water into the hydro-cyclone, where the fine sand sets down meanwhile the water with clay and dust discharged from the top output, with this fine sand recover device, the manufacturer of sand can reduce there produce cost, increasing their profits. The material of the screen is polyurethane, which is different from common vibrating screen.

Fine Sand Recycling Machine

Fine Sand Recycling Machine

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