FAW Mazda resets mid to high-end car market

“I believe Mazda 6 Atez will be a new benchmark in the mid-to-high-end sport segment.” A month ago, when Mazda 6 Artz finished off the assembly line, FAW Car General Manager An Tiecheng was full of emotions. Expectations, and now, the promise is stronger.

May 6, Beijing Performing Arts Center, Mazda 6 Artz officially listed, released a total of 2.0L three models and 2.5L models, the price range of 179,800-23,800 yuan. It is worth noting that, compared with the pre-sale price range of 198,800 to 249,800 yuan that was released in the off-line ceremony one month ago, the official price of the Mazda 6 Artz was lowered by 10,000 yuan.

The more sincere price will undoubtedly make the Mazda6 Atez more competitive, and with the addition of the Mazda 6 Artz, the layout of the FAW Mazda high-end car market can be reset.

Layout "Three Musketeers"

As the flagship model of Mazda's global new generation of products, Mazda 6 Atez includes almost all of Mazda's top-notch mature technologies including Chuangchi Blue Sky and Soul Movement Technology, and has become the “big winner” of Mazda’s product range. After the Mazda 6 Atez was formally introduced to the market, the FAW Mazda high-level car layout will be re-arranged.

“After the Mazda 6 Artz listed, it will be sold together with the Mazda 6, Mazda 6 Ruiyi three generations.” said Maikeda (China) Corporate Management Co., Ltd. Chairman Inamoto Shinsai. In this way, the old Ma 6, which has been in the market for more than 10 years and has been continuously updated, and Mazda 6 which was added five years ago, together with the newly joined Mazda 6 Artz, revived the "6-series Corps" with freshness and classics. All ready to go.

It is commendable that, in terms of vehicle positioning, the above three models have a clear distinction - Mazda 6 locks the price range of 120,000 to 140,000 yuan, continue to explore the Class A car market as a B-class identity; Mazda 6 is the core 6 lock wing 15 The price range of 10,000 yuan to 180,000 yuan, the main attack on the B-class coupe market; and Mazda 6 Artz will be "6 Department Corps" pulled up, positioning 180,000 to 240,000 yuan price range, to enter the high-end sports car market. "Prices are clearly separated, and the other missions are different, but overall, our DNA is the same, that is, sports." Tian Qingjiu, deputy general manager of FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. said.

In the two months prior to the listing of Atiz, FAW Mazda first lowered the market guidance price of Mazda 6 and Mazda 6 Ruiyi models for the first time, and Mazda 6 and Mazda 6 Ruiyi saw a maximum decrease of 41,000 yuan. And 22,000 yuan. After the listing of Atez, the prices of the three generations of Mazda 6 will also stabilize. “In the future, we will adopt a method of not lowering the price. In addition to sales, Mazda’s more important task in China is to build a brand.” Inamoto said.

start again

"After listing in May, the sales target by the end of this year is 37,000." At the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, Inagi Sachide told reporters during an interview. According to this calculation, the sales volume of Artz from the date of listing needs to exceed 5,200 units per month. In Tian Qingji's view, this may be just a climbing task for new listings. “The Mazda 6 has been sold for 10 years now and there are still many fans. Its reputation is very good. Therefore, after the listing of Atitz, although the current competition is more severe, we still have confidence,” Tian Qingjiu said.

However, such market expectations are challenging but not difficult for Atenza, which has been sold in three markets: Europe, the United States, and Japan.

In an interview with this reporter, the general manager of FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. said that “Atenza’s current situation in Japan has increased sales by three times compared to its predecessor, the Mazda6, which is also the core version of the Razer. In the European and American markets, sales are mainly in the form of vehicle exports, and the export volume is also twice that of the previous-generation Mazda6."

If this trend continues, Mazda 6 Artz will become the main contribution to sales of the “Three Musketeers,” and the Mazda 6 of the three generations will start again. “The introduction of Atez products has strengthened our commitment to make Mazda’s brands well-established in China's market segments and cultivate the market. We firmly believe that Mazda 6 Artz will surprise Chinese consumers and believe that Establish a new benchmark in the high-end sports market segment.” For Mazda 6 Artz, FAW Car General Manager An Tiecheng is full of confidence.

In September 2013, when it was pushed into the market, Changan Ford New Mondeo, which also focused on sports-type mid-to-high-end vehicles and was committed to becoming a “benchmark,” had once broken monthly sales since its listing. An Tiecheng's proposal to become a benchmark for the mid-to-high-end sports car market segment also exposes the ambition of FAW Mazda.

At the same time, FAW and Mazda have already gone through 11 years since April 2003. With the further deepening of Mazda in the Chinese market, the cooperation between FAW and Mazda may change. For several times the news that FAW and Mazda form a joint venture company, An Tiecheng’s response seems to have seen some signs. “Now it should be said that all forms of cooperation are being discussed and discussed in order to further strengthen and expand cooperation with Mazda. , including the scope of cooperation and areas of cooperation."

Whether it is a product matrix or a cooperative model, a brand new FAW Mazda is coming.

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