Fuel consumption fraud, where does trust come from?
How do the majority of car owners look at fuel consumption fraud? How can owners understand the true fuel consumption of the car? How much trust does the official fuel consumption earn?
Nearly half of respondents stated that car purchase will focus on official data
In this survey, when it comes to the views on fraudulent fuel consumption, everyone’s views are typically one-sided. 91.37% of netizens think this is an "industry common phenomenon," and only 4.06% of respondents said that this is only "the behavior of individual companies." Through the survey, we can see that everyone's trust in official fuel consumption is not high. This answer is regrettable.
In response to the question, “Is the official fuel consumption data for buying a car an important factor in your car purchase?”, 49.75% of the consumers chose “Yes, I value this data,” in various options. Number one. The answers to these two questions may seem contradictory, but they actually reflect the helpless attitude of car buyers: Although everyone does not recognize the data released by manufacturers, fuel consumption is an important measure of the performance of vehicle engines and transmissions, so owners still Pay attention to the official fuel consumption data.
30% of respondents believe that real data comes from users
The official announcement of the fuel consumption and the actual measured data, the gap within what range we can accept it? In answering this question, 61.93% of netizens voted for the "less than 10%" answer. The second ranked number was "10%-20%" (accounting for 24.37%). Obviously, owners still want official data. As close as possible to real fuel consumption.
To take this opportunity, we also hope to understand if the fuel consumption data of automobile companies is false, what impact will it have on everyone's car use? The proportion of 64.47% of the vote was voted on the option of “I raise the cost of keeping my car”. Another 18.27% of the users thought that there was no impact. The reason was “I do not believe the official data at all”.
In the survey, 48.22% of the owners usually know about the fuel consumption level of the vehicle through the experience of their friends. 30.96% of the respondents said that the real data comes from netizens. It seems that we all believe in the car experience of ordinary owners.
The survey data shows that the way for everyone to test the fuel consumption of vehicles is relatively simple, and 81.22% of netizens said that they usually measure fuel consumption by “emptying the original mileage, adding the oil and dividing the actual mileage to get the data”. of.
[Owner opinion]
It is recommended that manufacturers only give fuel consumption range
Netizen “mymi falls in love with pigs”: I don’t know about the car myself. When I bought a car last year, I picked up several target models with similar prices, carefully comparing length, width, height, wheelbase, configuration, and engine parameters. Then choose a more satisfactory model from it. I bought a 2.0L car. At the time of looking at the parameter list, I thought that the combined fuel consumption of several cars was very low. The 100 kilometers were all about 9 liters. In the actual use of the car, I found that the fuel consumption of my vehicle is usually more than 11 liters. At first, I thought it was a matter of driving habits. Later I asked neighboring friends to know the 2.0L car. This kind of fuel consumption is not surprising. The official announcement of fuel consumption, usually has a gap with the actual data.
In fact, once we buy a car, we do not account for a few more fuel costs, and do not care about the high or low fuel consumption. I can understand the idea of ​​a depot wishing to beautify the data, but I hope this will not cause confusion to us. It is recommended that manufacturers only give The scope of fuel consumption, do not write specific data, so as not to mislead the owners.
Understanding the fuel consumption of vehicles is of great significance
Netizen “Domestic rice noodles”: I measure the fuel consumption of vehicles at regular intervals. Sometimes I will use the simplest method, that is, after filling up the oil, clear the original mileage, wait until the oil is used up, and then divide the actual mileage to see the fuel consumption. Sometimes I will borrow a vehicle fault detector with a friend. This instrument can directly read the fuel consumption data and the measurement process is simple.
I think it is of great significance to understand the fuel consumption of vehicles. If the fuel consumption suddenly becomes high, it may be that the throttle of the engine or the oil circuit becomes dirty, or that the lubricant needs to be replaced, and after the condition of the vehicle is grasped in a timely manner, when doing maintenance, once it is repaired The master asked me to clean the oil circuit or change something. I can judge myself and avoid being a big boss.
Vehicles will not be affected by fuel consumption data
Owner Miss Sun: My vehicle dashboard can automatically read the instantaneous fuel consumption of the vehicle. At the beginning, I felt very fresh and would often study this data. For example, the fuel consumption will increase when you step on the accelerator, and the data will decrease when you drive at a constant speed. . I will remind myself not to step on the brakes, throttles, etc. to increase fuel consumption based on these circumstances. Under the guidance of the concept of energy saving and saving money, I have developed good driving habits.
However, after driving for 3 months, I didn't read the data, and I wouldn't measure fuel consumption anymore. I waited until the oil was used up before I entered the gas station.
I think fuel consumption data is meaningless to old owners. What if you know it? The money spent can still be spent. There will be no change.
[survey data]
(197 respondents)
1. Is CCTV's exposure to “fuel consumption fraud” an individual behavior or a common phenomenon in the industry?
A. The behavior of individual companies 8 (4.06%)
B. Industry common phenomenon 180 (91.37%)
C. I don't know much about this issue. I can't judge 9 (4.57%)
D. I don't care about this issue 0 (0.00%)
2. In the past when buying a car, is the official fuel consumption data an important reference factor?
A. Yes, I value this data very much. 98 (49.75%)
B. No, I only used it as a reference factor and did not place it in an important position. 52 (26.40%)
C. Always feel that this data has moisture, so I didn't take the time to understand it. 47 (23.86%)
D. I don't care about the fuel consumption of the vehicle. I don't care about this issue 0 (0.00%)
3. What way do you usually understand the true fuel consumption of the vehicle?
A. Media Rating 13 (6.60%) B, User Comments 61 (30.96%)
C. Peripheral friends experience 95 (48.22%) D, officially released data 24 (12.18%)
E. Other ways 4 (2.03%)
4. What is the difference between the official fuel consumption and your measured data?
A. Within 10% 122 (61.93%) B, 10%-20% 48 (24.37%)
C, 20%-30%14 (7.11%)D, 30%-50%3 (1.52%)
E, 50%-70%3(1.52%)F, 70%-100%0(0.00%)
G, more than 100% 1 (0.51%)H, I do not care about the fuel consumption gap 6 (3.05%)
5, how do you usually measure the real fuel consumption of the vehicle?
A. Empty the original mileage, add the oil and divide it by the actual mileage 160 (81.22%)
B. Using a special instrument to measure data 8 (4.06%)
C. My vehicle driving computer can directly display fuel consumption 24 (12.18%)
D. I don’t care about fuel consumption. I didn’t specifically understand 5 (2.54%)
6. If the fuel consumption data of automobile companies is false, will it affect your car?
A. Yes, the cost of my car is increased by 127 (64.47%)
B. Yes, it is suspected that the actual fuel consumption caused by vehicle breakdown is higher than official data 29 (14.72%)
C. No, I rarely pay attention to fuel consumption 5 (2.54%)
D、No, I don’t believe in official data 36 (18.27%)
[Reporter's notes]
When official fuel consumption bid farewell to "the emperor's new clothes"
In foreign countries, fraudulent fuel consumption is a very serious matter. South Korea's Hyundai-Kia Group has paid a huge price for this.
The fuel consumption of a car is an important parameter to measure the technical content of the engine and transmission. It can affect everyone's decision to purchase a car. From the perspective of car manufacturers, we naturally hope that the lower the data the consumer sees, the better. For this reason, fuel consumption data needs to be tested by a third-party inspection agency approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Regrettably, in China, the independence of testing organizations has been greatly reduced. This year CCTV's 3-15 party has exposed auto companies collaborating with domestic automobile inspection agencies. By modifying the inspection engine data and other means, manufacturing fake fuel consumption is just an example. .
Actually, there are many laws and regulations in China which restrict the authenticity of fuel consumption. For example, the Test Method for Fuel Consumption of Light Vehicles stipulates that the testing vehicles and sales vehicles must be identical to ensure that the measured fuel consumption matches the actual situation. The “Quantity Labeling” specification requires that new vehicles from the factory must display the fuel consumption of the vehicles in the urban and suburban areas tested by the National Development and Reform Commission and three comprehensive fuel consumption labels to comprehensively describe the fuel consumption of the labeled vehicles under various road conditions. However, unfortunately, because of the lack of supervision, the illegal cost of car companies is very low.
After the fuel consumption fraud door occurred, many owners hope that the regulators can take this opportunity to rectify the industry. After the report was revealed, the hippocampus denied fuel consumption fraud. What the regulators need to do now is either to let the hippocampus take responsibility or to make it clear. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission did not investigate the matter.
Although everyone knows that the emperor did not put on new clothes, he secretly kept the secret. This is the most sad and sad thing.

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