Second-hand car electronic trading platform influx into hundreds of billions

In 2013, many investors such as Bertelsmann, Sequoia Capital, Jingwei Venture Capital entered the used-car e-commerce trading platform for the first time with tens of millions of capital, and the venture capital investment in Xiaomi as a classic case was also invested in the car Beats, fair prices and large search vehicles complete the multi-dimensional layout of the used car value chain. The large amount of capital and intensive investment in the used car industry have caused concern for the entire automotive industry.

The industry believes that this is a signal that China's used cars have entered the outbreak. "After experiencing the peak of car sales in 2010-2011, the China Automobile Replacement and Used Car Summit will follow. Taking the Chinese people's car cycle for 4 years, the used car will have explosive growth in 2014. The demand for services will also increase, so many investors have already been actively deploying used cars, said Wang Wei, director of automotive finance at Minsheng Bank.

Compared with the previous round of investment, this year's investment in second-hand car car e-commerce has reached more than tens of millions of levels. Take Yi Yi Pai as an example, in 2011, Yiyi Auto won the first-round investment of Star Ventures, which was 5 million, but the investment in the second round of Jingwei Venture Capital has reached 20 million.

In fact, investors are looking for time to invest in money. A round of investment is usually 5-7 years, 5 years is a benchmark, B round 3-5 years, and then back within three years. The shortening of the investment cycle shows that the investors' judgment is that the used car will explode in three years.

According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, the value of second-hand car transactions in 2012 was 359.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.6%, which was equivalent to 41% of new car sales in the same period. In 2012, it was the first year of the development of the second-hand car e-commerce brand platform. The e-commerce companies represented by Che Yip, Happy Bangchao, Youxinpai and 273 have quickly entered the used car market. It is expected that the volume of used car e-commerce transactions will also blowout in the next 3-5 years. By 2018, the transaction volume of second-hand car e-commerce will account for 4% of the total sales, reaching 800,000 units. If the transaction price is 55,000 yuan per vehicle, the amount of second-hand car e-commerce transactions will reach around 44 billion yuan in 2018. .

From the point of view of the used car value chain, the used car service has extended from information services to price and condition. The entry of US KBB has made the used car price a hot spot. “The used car is a separate product, the same car, the condition of the car is different, the condition of the maintenance is not the same, all of them are different products, so it cannot be the same as the new car. The model has a price, so a price formation mechanism is needed. Without a price formation mechanism, there is no way to make a large-scale second-hand vehicle cross-regional transaction. This is very important for auctions and vehicle conditions. Therefore, the condition and price discovery is very important. According to Shi Jianming, managing director of Venture Capital.

At present, Che Yi Pai, You Xin Pai and 273 have all launched their own vehicle condition identification brands, namely 268V, Checker and Che Jubao. At present, only Che Yipai assumes full compensation responsibilities for its test report. New sales, excellent letter shoots and 273 can all bear partial responsibility. Other platforms have not claimed responsibility for their test results.

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