The water flow sensor is a water flow sensing instrument that outputs a pulse signal, a current, a voltage, etc. by sensing the water flow. The output of the signal and the water flow are linearly proportional, and there are corresponding conversion formulas and comparison curves. Therefore, water management and flow calculation can be done. In the thermal aspect, the transducer can measure the loss of medium energy for a period of time, such as a heat meter. The water flow sensor is mainly used in conjunction with a control chip, a single chip microcomputer, or even a PLC. The water flow sensor has accurate flow control and can cyclically set the action flow, water flow display and flow accumulation calculation.

Common troubleshooting methods for water flow sensors

The water flow sensor mainly measures liquids and gases in sealed pipes and is widely used in petroleum, chemical and textile fields. When the water flow sensor is in use, there will be some minor problems that will delay the work.

Common troubleshooting methods for water flow sensors , in use, found that the cumulative value of the water flow sensor is less than the actual value, first of all to see if the installation location is higher, otherwise the pipeline should be modified; no display during operation should check the power supply part, contact part , fuse, etc.; after running for a period of time, the instantaneous value jump amplitude is too large, and the cumulative amount is obviously small, should check whether the grounding of the cable is good at both ends; running for a period of time, the cumulative amount is small, but the instantaneous value is stable Or zero, then the process equipment problem should be checked, that is, whether the flow is too small due to equipment failure; if the flow display value changes abnormally and irregularly, it may be that the flow medium contains ferromagnetic substances or strong magnetic field interference occurs nearby; Regular inspection, often open cover inspection, when the electrode is not tightly sealed, it will leak outside and damage the circuit board, which should be noted.

If the water flow sensor has a display value but has an error, the valve should be closed under power-on condition, the flow rate is equal to zero, the “reference voltage” is measured, and then compared with the data at the factory, if there is a problem, the power is disconnected. Disconnect the converter and check the resistance of the two electrodes to "ground". These two values ​​should be substantially equal and in the range of several thousand ohms. If the resistance difference is too large, the water flow sensor may be one or two electrodes. If the resistance value is close to infinity, the surface may be damaged. If the resistance value is close to zero, the electrode may leak and the insulation may be damaged.

The water flow sensor has an increased display error or no display maintenance method. The water flow sensor works for a long time under a higher temperature or a higher pressure (or a negative pressure), or causes a large mechanical stress on the measuring pipe during installation. The lining and wall of the measuring tube are detached or cracked, or are impacted and worn by the fluid, causing damage to the lining, causing insulation damage of the electrode or insulation damage of the exciting coil, and the error of the display value of the meter is increased or not displayed. It is necessary to remove the water flow sensor and repair it completely and return it to the factory for flow calibration;

The above describes the common troubleshooting methods of the water flow sensor, so that when the water flow sensor fails, there is no need to find a manufacturer to repair, only the master needs to be repaired, thereby improving the industrial production efficiency.

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