Many friends often encounter problems when they do monitoring. There are some choices about switches, allocations about ip addresses, and about network cables. The following 18 questions are more common solutions. Other questions can be added. .
18 things that should be noticed in the construction of HD monitoring system!
1, switch selection:
Use more than 8 points (including 8 points and 720P or more). Use a full Gigabit network switch.
The actual bandwidth of our commonly used switches is 50%-70% of the theoretical value, so the actual bandwidth of a 100M port is 50M-70M. 4M*12=48M, so it is recommended that one 100M access switch can access up to 12 720P network cameras. At the same time, considering the current network monitoring adopts dynamic coding mode, the peak value of camera code stream may exceed 4M bandwidth, and consider the bandwidth redundancy design. Therefore, it is better to control one 100M access switch within 8 units, and more than 8 recommended 1000. Mega.
2, do a good backup:
The IP addresses of all network domes, network cameras, NVRs, computer masters, storage servers, streaming media servers, HD decoders, and management servers in this system must be uniformly modified and registered before construction. The original devices (such as computers and network printers) on the local network have IP address conflicts.
3. Do a good job of registration:
All devices in the network system (including the original devices) should not be set to automatically obtain the IP address mode. All the IP addresses are manually set and the registration form is registered.
4, pay attention to IP conflicts:
If there is a wireless router in the network system, please pay attention to whether there is a conflict in the IP address of the tablet in the wireless network system.
5. Pay attention to the aggregation layer switch selection:
The number of IPCs connected to a single front-end switch is no more than four, and an 8-port 100-megabit switch can be used. For example, if you have more than four, you must use an 8-port full-gigabit switch, because only one network cable is used between the front-end switch and the main room changer. Transmission, if the number of IPCs in the load is too large, it is easy to cause packet loss, frame dropping, delay, and jamming.
6, pay attention to the choice of network cable:
The national standard super five network cable can be used between the IPC and the front-end switch, and the national standard six-class network cable and six-class crystal head must be used between the front-end switch and the main switch of the equipment room.
7. Pay attention to the distance between the camera and the main control room:
The high-definition network dome camera and the HDC to the main switch of the equipment room can only be relayed once by the network switch. If the distance is greater than 100 meters, the optical fiber can be used. For receiving and transmitting, please use one light or one light or one light or two light or one light and four power. Yiling fiber optic transceiver.
8, pay attention to choose the wire:
If the network dome camera or network camera to the front-end switch adopts the international super five-type shielded network cable, the line length is recommended not to exceed 80 meters. If the international six-class network cable is recommended, it should not exceed 100 meters.
9, try not to choose a managed switch
In the case of the main switch of the equipment room, please do not choose a switch with a management type, unless there is an engineer who is familiar with setting up a managed switch, or the system is relatively large.
10, the main switch of the equipment room
Be sure to choose the full-gigabit switch of the big brand, and must not be fully loaded. For example, the 24-port full Gigabit switch should not use more than 20 ports when it is actually used, because the network HD monitoring data volume is relatively large and it is constantly transmitting data. The processing requirements of the switch are relatively high. If there is a delay and a stuck phenomenon when a switch has many points, you can try to add a switch to solve it.
11, network monitoring project scope
The range of HD network cameras and the number of HD network cameras can be determined for different coverage areas. The type has 1MP (1/4Sensor) / 1.3MP (1/3Sensor) / 2MP (1/2.7Sensor) / 3MP (1/2.5Sensor), in a project, the lens selection is very important, it depends on whether Cover all areas that customers need to watch.
12, network monitoring engineering objects:
The monitoring object determines the framing range, the camera position, and the type of camera required. The monitoring object has subtle maps and general observation maps. Subtle images work well for identifying people or specific targets, such as: faces, documents, and storefront monitoring; the general view is mainly to monitor the entire scene or the approximate flow of the scene. The monitoring target determines the viewing range, camera position and the type of camera required.
13, network monitoring engineering environment:
Because the light is different indoors and outdoors, it is necessary to consider the sensitivity and lighting effects. In the outdoor environment, you can use infrared light, and some need to use the day and night dual-use surveillance cameras; if it is indoor, you don't have to think about it so much, just consider the lighting effect. In addition, if you are outdoors, you must consider the relevant factors of dust, moisture, water and damage. For example, in a dark environment, a camera with low illumination function can be used, and a wide dynamic function camera can be used in an environment with uneven light distribution. A professional license plate function camera can be used in a bayonet environment, and an elevator can be used in an elevator environment. Camera and so on.
14. Is it possible to publicly monitor:
Because some places need to cover hidden million HD network cameras for some specific reasons. Therefore, in this regard, it is necessary to consider the selection of non-concealed or concealed surveillance cameras.
15, intelligent video and event management:
Video-based event triggers are recorded via the input port and intelligent video capabilities of network video products, saving bandwidth and storage space, and no alarms/events are required to monitor all cameras simultaneously, so operators can monitor more cameras. Event management functions are often configured using event management software programs, supported by the input/output ports and intelligent video capabilities of a million HD network cameras or video encoders.
16, network monitoring engineering audio function:
This is also to consider the location you use to decide, if you need to use a million high-definition network cameras with audio capabilities, then you have to consider connecting headphones or speakers, pickups and other equipment.
17, image camera quality:
The image quality of a million HD network cameras is as important as a normal surveillance camera. In this respect, you can only use a different million HD network camera to observe and choose a more suitable million HD network camera. It is recommended to bring the prototype to the customer before installation, and carry out the batch installation with the effect selected by the final customer.
18. Pay attention to the number of routers when doing remote monitoring:
If you use a multi-layer router to penetrate the IPC function, you don't have to worry about this. If you can only penetrate a layer of routers, you should consider this when doing remote.

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