The reporter learned from the China Construction Machinery Business Network on the 25th that in May, the market performance of road rollers, loaders, bulldozers, and excavators was not satisfactory, and the number of products and the year-on-year ratio were “double down”.

According to the data, in May, sales of road rollers, loaders, bulldozers and excavators fell by 29.70%, 25.77%, 29.90% and 23.92% respectively year-on-year.

From the ring data, in addition to a slight increase of 0.62% in the volume of road rollers sold in May, the load reductions of loaders, bulldozers and excavators were both over 20%. The breakdown data are 23.30%, 22.14% and 29.28%, respectively.

For the bleak performance of the market, the China Construction Machinery Trade Network market researcher believes that May is the traditional off-season. The advent of the off-season will worsen the already sluggish market. The low project start-up is the direct cause of the overall downturn this year. .

Members of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association Road and Compaction Machinery Subcommittee also stated that the reason why the industry is so sluggish is because the total amount of investment in upstream transportation facilities has shrunk.

From the point of view of highway construction, the association expects that the amount of highway construction investment in 2012 will be at the level of 1 trillion yuan, which is lower than in 2011. The total railway investment is not optimistic. In 2012, the Ministry of Railways will coordinate arrangements for investment in fixed assets of 500 billion yuan, of which infrastructure investment will be 400 billion yuan, and the new line will be put on 6,366 kilometers, which is further reduced from 2011.

Market participants expect that funds for infrastructure projects will not be put in place in the short term, and the compaction machinery market will still experience a period of downturn. (Reporter Li Yan Zheng)

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