A few days ago, the innovative capacity-building project declared by the Chengshan Group Co., Ltd. Technical Center received 5 million yuan of national incentive and development funds. It is reported that the application of this new technology to tire production will increase tire life by 11%.

It is understood that the total investment of this new technology project is 67.902 million yuan, mainly using existing R&D laboratories and pilot plant, purchasing UG, ANSYS three-dimensional finite element design software and dynamic balance tester, outer contour laser scanner, rolling resistance test 24 sets of equipment, such as instruments, set up simulation and design systems, expand testing capabilities, increase testing and testing projects, and improve pilot test lines, and build an energy-saving environmental protection radial tire R&D testing center with advanced international standards.

The implementation of this new technology will enable Chengshan Group Co., Ltd. to achieve energy-saving and environment-friendly radial tire R&D and test verification at the domestic and international advanced levels. The rolling resistance of the developed tires will be 10% lower than that of tires of the same specifications, 10% reduction in wear, and 11% increase in service life. This will drastically drive Rongcheng's investment in independent innovation capacity building, and effectively enhance the level of technological research and development of the company. Fundamentally improve the international competitiveness of high-performance tires.

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