On June 18, 2012, the 10th China Strait Project Outcome Fair and the 5th Cross-Strait Social Public Safety Product Technology Project Exposition was held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuling Industrial Co., Ltd.) The company) took Wuling C1 police patrol car, Wuling Weiwei police patrol car, and Wuling school bus.

The Wuling C1 police patrol car, the Weiwei police patrol car, and the Wuling school bus in the center of the exhibition hall are very popular. The appearance is fashionable, dexterous and lovely, and it is sought after by the news media and professional audiences after its launch.

Wuling C1 police patrol car, styling and cartoon mellow, is a low-speed electric vehicle designed and developed according to the US FMVSS500 standard. The product has 19 patents; it has a convenient on-board charging system, and it can be easily recharged with ordinary civil electricity. The lightweight body, with a turning radius of only 3.1 meters, can flexibly travel through crowded cities. It only takes half a space to park at ease and it is very convenient for police officers to go deep into the grassroots communities and perform in the streets and alleys.

Wuling Weiwei police patrol car, open and close to the people design, with the police officers mobile office, megaphone, copywriter, toolbox, hands and feet and other accessories. In Dongguan, Sichuan, Shandong, Guangxi and other public security systems are widely used in patrolling police, on-duty duty, convenience services, has been widely praised.

The Wulan school's 5-meter-long professional school bus is also attracting attention. Wuling School Bus is Wuling’s deep understanding of the actual situation of China’s education, combined with the narrow roads in China, scattered living and scattered distribution, and the underdeveloped economy in the general region. Wuling has always emphasized the concept of humanized design and "applied, is the best!", the company's systematic and professional services to provide customers with solutions to school bus safety problems; from the school bus that participated in this exhibition, half-length head design, A series of designs such as a full-loaded body, a 360° non-blind area design, a stepping, a driving recorder, a guardian seat, and soft handrails are all very user-friendly. “Although the car body is only 5 meters, but the 18 seats are distributed reasonably, the space is not at all small.” Mr. Liu said, “The best thing is applicable! The slogan of the Wuling school bus is very real and attractive!”

It is reported that before the school bus safety management problem was first written into the government work report, Wuling School Bus opened the experimental field in Hunan “Wangcheng” and the tripartite linkage of schools, government, and enterprises established the “Wangcheng mode” that is known throughout the country. Wuling School Bus has already placed more than 200 vehicles in Wangcheng District, Changsha City, Hunan Province. No school bus safety accident occurred after the investment. The school bus safety situation in Wangcheng District has been significantly improved. In 2011 Hunan Provincial Traffic Safety Promotion Conference, the Hunan Provincial Government will train Wuling School Bus. As a demonstration school bus. Hunan Wangcheng has thus become the “National School Bus Operation Pilot”.

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