LPG Positive Displacement Flowmeter

LPG Meter With Mechanical Register, Differential Valve, Air Eliminator and Strainer
Size: 50mm / 2”
Flow: 38-380L/min , 55-550L/min (100GPM)
Volume Per Revolution:0.681L
Working Pressure:350PSI
Measuring Unit: Liter, US Gallon, IMP Gallon

Steel wire welding machine

Steel wire welding machine wire drawing machine adopts servo motor wire drawing device to make wire drawing size more standard and accurate.
Variety of weldable mesh.
Zonal grid adjustment related parts are adjustable, by the adjustment of the grid microcomputer control, can set up different grids.

Performance characteristics of steel wire welding machine: the length of warp and weft wire of tunnel support network welding machine are pre-cut by straight cutting machine. The warp is manually placed to the feeding mechanism and automatically entered by the servo feeding trolley without manual placement.
The weft wire is manually placed into the discharging device by the turntable stripper and dropped by a single one.
The welding system adopts pulse triggered thyristor with 8-way voltage regulation, and 8-way output can be combined at will, so as to reduce the impact on power transformer and effectively improve efficiency.
The machine power system is divided into pneumatic type and mechanical type.
The whole machine adopts PLC centralized control. The touch screen is the external data input part. All parameters can be input by the touch screen.
Rebar mesh welding machine

Rebar Mesh Welding Machine

Wire Mesh Welding Machine,Fence Mesh Welding Machine,Rebar Mesh Welding Line,Wire Butt Welding Machine

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