Application: Machinery, Chemical Industry, Environmental, Building
Finish: Blue-White Zinc Plated
Origin: China

Hex flange washer head bolt 
Product name:  zinc plated hex serrated flange bolt

Stainless steel & Carbon steel & copper & Aluminum & Alloy steel


M4-M52, according to customer requirements and customized

Grade: 4.8,8.8,10.9,12.9, A2-70
Surface Treatment: Phosphated,Zinc plated, Dacromet, Black, Passivated ,etc
Certificate: ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004
Standard: ISO,DIN,GB,JIS,BS,ANSI, Non-standard
Quality control: ISO standard,100% Whole range inspection through the production
Advantage: OEM/ODM are available
Sample: Sample is free, if we have the tools available
Delivery detail: 10-20 days
After-sale service:      If there are any quality problems, please contact with us at once, We will be the first time to help you solve the problem 

Customized Hex Flange Washer Head Bolt
Customized Hex Flange Washer Head Bolt
Customized Hex Flange Washer Head Bolt


Feature editing
1, the pulse bag type Dust Collector [1] uses the split room pulsing pulsate cleaning technology to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional pulse duster and the chamber back duster. It has strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, less area, stable and reliable transportation and good economic benefit. It is suitable for purification and recovery of dust gas in metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical industry, electric power and light industry.
2. Due to the use of parting air pulse to blow the ash and blowing ash, it can reach the goal of thoroughly cleaning ash once, so the period of dust removal is prolonged, the energy consumption of ash clearing is reduced, and the air pressure consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the fatigue degree of the filter bag and the pulse valve is reduced correspondingly, thus multiplying the service life of the filter bag and the valve piece.
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4. The upper bag is adopted. After changing the bag, the bag is put out and the dirty bag is put into the bottom ash hopper of the box. It is removed by Kong Chu and improved the operation condition of the bag changing.
5. The box is designed with tightness, good sealing performance, good sealing material for inspection door, leak detection with kerosene in production process, and low leakage rate.
6. Inlet and outlet air duct is compact and airflow resistance is small.

Pulse Bag Collector

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