[ Instrument Network Instrument R & D ] The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration is responsible for unified management and measurement. Promote statutory measurement units and national measurement systems, and manage measurement instruments and the transfer and comparison of measurement values. Standardize and supervise the volume of commodities and market measurement behavior. Recently, the Department of Science, Technology and Finance of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration organized experts in Shanghai to inspect and accept the General Administration ’s Science and Technology Plan project “On-site nuclear and radiation monitoring equipment neutron detector field detection technology” undertaken by the Shanghai Metrology and Testing Research Institute.
A nuclear radiation detector is a component that uses the ionizing effect, luminescence, physical or chemical changes caused by nuclear radiation in a gas, liquid or solid to detect nuclear radiation. It is called a nuclear radiation detector. So far, there are many types of nuclear radiation detectors for various applications, and their working principles are different. The information given by the detector can directly or indirectly determine parameters such as the type, energy, intensity or nuclear lifetime of nuclear radiation. The project has completed all the contents and assessment indicators of the planning task, and the comprehensive technology has reached the domestic leading level. The acceptance expert team agreed that the project passed the acceptance.
Shanghai Metrology and Testing Research Institute provides necessary technical support for government administration and law enforcement of the Metrology Law, Product Quality Law, Standardization Law, Consumer Rights Protection Law, and related laws and regulations; for scientific and technological progress and industry Development, carry out research on measurement and testing methods, instruments and equipment; provide public technical support to meet the needs of social development and standardize market order; and provide high-quality measurement and testing services for the economic development of Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region.
The project team took the lead in developing the on-site calibration device for neutron detectors at nuclear and radiation monitoring equipment at ports, and completed the submission of the "Specifications for Calibration of Channel Vehicle Radiation Monitoring System" for approval. The project results have been applied to the on-site calibration of neutron detectors in channel nuclear and radiation monitoring equipment, and the traceability of neutron detectors at port nuclear and radiation monitoring equipment has been traced to provide enhanced neutron radiation safety monitoring at entry and exit ports and in the public domain It provides technical support, which can promote the expansion of the field of ionizing radiation professional testing and calibration services and improve technical capabilities.
Source: Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing, State Administration of Market Supervision, Baidu Encyclopedia

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